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عالم المعرفة 438 : حياتنا وإن طالت ، علم دراسة طول العمر والشيخوخة pdf

حياتنا وإن طالت ، علم دراسة طول العمر والشيخوخة
يعرض البحث موضوعا مهما وجذابا للغاية، إذ على مدى قرون طويلة كان الفلاسفة يحلمون بالعثور على إكسير الحياة والشباب لكي يتمكنوا من التمتع بشباب دائم، لكن لم يحاول أحد ولو بقدر ضئيل أن يفهم ما الشيخوخة؟ أو لماذا تحدث؟

يشار إلى أن الإصدار يتناول علم دراسة طول العمر والشيخوخة، وهو
من تأليف جوناثان سيلفر تاون، وترجمة سحر توفيق.

The Long And The Short Of It
The Science Of Life Span & Aging
By: Jonathan Silvertown

Everything that lives will die. That’s the fundamental fact of life. But not everyone dies at the same age: people vary wildly in their patterns of aging and their life spans—and that variation is nothing compared to what’s found in other animal and plant species. A giant fungus found in Michigan has been alive since the Ice Age, while a dragonfly lives but four months, a mayfly half an hour. What accounts for these variations—and what can we learn from them that might help us understand, or better manage, our own aging?

With The Long and the Short of It, biologist and writer Jonathan Silvertown offers readers a witty and fascinating tour through the scientific study of longevity and aging. Dividing his daunting subject by theme—death, life span, aging, heredity, evolution, and more—Silvertown draws on the latest scientific developments to paint a picture of what we know about how life span, senescence, and death vary within and across species. At every turn, he addresses fascinating questions that have far-reaching implications: What causes aging, and what determines the length of an individual life? What changes have caused the average human life span to increase so dramatically—fifteen minutes per hour—in the past two centuries? If evolution favors those who leave the most descendants, why haven’t we evolved to be immortal? The answers to these puzzles and more emerge from close examination of the whole natural history of life span and aging, from fruit flies, nematodes, redwoods, and much more.
 The Long and the Short of It pairs a perpetually fascinating topic with a wholly engaging writer, and the result is a supremely accessible book that will reward curious readers of all ages.

الكتاب : حياتنا وإن طالت ، علم دراسة طول العمر والشيخوخة
 المؤلف: جوناثان سيلفرتاون
ترجمة : سحر توفيق
سلسلة : عالم المعرفة
الطبعة : يوليو 2016 م
الناشر : المجلس الوطني للثقافة والفنون والآداب - الكويت
الحجم : 12.3 م.ب.
عدد الصفحات : 212

معاينة الكتاب : Archive - G.Drive

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